WTF? Why Is Soulja Boy Throwing Real American Dollars Into His Pool? (Because He Can)

"I get cash, I got cash, get cash, stacking cash, making cash, and I'm getting cash"
WHAT!? Soulja Boy is doing too much out here!

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star posted a video of himself throwing cash off his balcony into his swimming pool. Let me translate this jargon for you again because it may be hard to understand: Rapper Soulja Boy AKA DeAndre Cortez Way filmed himself throwing actual American currency (stacks on stacks on stacks) off his terrace into his pool, of water. I guess when you gotta it, you can?

I mean, this is the man with a record label called Stacks On Deck Entertainment, who also brought us “Cash Swag” so we’re not surprised, tbh.

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