Get to Steppin’: Never Forget That the Last Time Shaunie Went HAM Was at Gloria Govan

Is "Thank you for your services" the new "Get to steppin' boo"?

Shaunie O’Neal stunned everyone on the Basketball Wives LA season finale when she basically fired Brandi on national television. We were gagging to see the usually cool and collected Shaunie go HAM on one of her cast members. When’s the last time we saw this version of Shaunie?

Flashback to season one Basketball Wives when Gloria Govan called Shaunie a c— after the two got into it. Shaunie heard it, processed it, and then proceeded to follow Gloria to the car, and close her door. “Get to steppin’ boo!” Dang! It’s a classic Basketball Wives moment and we love that fire in Shaunie’s eyes.

Is “Thank you for your services” the new “Get to steppin’ boo?”