Kalenna Says “Love is Lost” With Rasheeda But “It’s No Hard Feelings”

"Nah, I aint gonna f--- with Rasheeda. I probably won't even say too much."

After her blowup with Tammy, things took another turn for Kalenna when her friendship with Rasheeda was put to the test. On Monday’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, both ladies accused the other of spilling their personal details to Tammy and their friendship seemingly crumbled right then in the studio.

VH1 had an exclusive chat with Kalenna to find out what she thought of Rasheeda’s reaction to her argument with Tammy and what she plans on saying to her old friend’s face at the reunion show.

How did you feel after the argument with Tammy? What did you think of Rasheeda’s reaction to the whole situation?
Kalenna Harper: When she f—ing left with Tammy and didn’t come back? I felt she chose sides right then and there. I heard Tammy running her mouth outside of the club and the crazy thing is, you know, you gotta be very weary of a dog that bring a bone and the mess that was even started at the club came from Tammy in the first place. All I wanted my friend to know is she brung the bone, she told me what she told me and yeah, I said some other s— too, based on me feeling like I had to defend myself because you over talking about me, but I’m like f— what we said, let’s watch this motherf—er because they’re polluting our air. I feel like at the end of the day, Rasheeda chose sides and Rasheeda’s like, ’Yo, I’m gonna rock with Tammy like, I think she’s more viable than you are. She means more to me than you are, then you do.’ So at this point, me and Rasheeda are just…Ima just let bygones be bygones. It’s nothing. I feel like love is lost but it’s no hard feelings.

Are you concerned about seeing Rasheeda at the reunion? Are you afraid about what’s going to go down between the two of you?
Nah, I aint gonna f— with Rasheeda. I probably won’t even say too much. I wanted to, promise you. I didn’t even think I wanted to go to the reunion based on all of the drama but I feel like I owe my fans, and people that have been watching me go through my struggles, I owe them that much to sit on that stage and let them know that the music is gonna be out by then. We can talk about [my forthcoming EP] Rose Water and I hope that they’re enjoying it by then and they’ll be able to download it on iTunes and all that good jazz and really see like me going hard for my family and me going hard for my love, like Tony’s the love of my life. Every song I write about is [about] him. It’s like that’s how my heart beats for that man and I think he feels the same way. He knows what it takes to make me go hard too so I’m just try and balance it all out and be become a better woman.

[Editor’s note: After this interview was conducted, Kalenna posted this quote to her Instagram page]
Well, what do you think of the falling out between Rasheeda and Kalenna? Find out what happens next on an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Monday at 8/7c.