Bill Cosby’s Attorneys Say Drugs Were Used For Consensual Sex + More Wednesday News

Plus, watch President Barack Obama bid adieu to Jon Stewart.

Earlier this month, we reported Bill Cosby—via unearthed legal documents from 2005—admitted he gave women Quaaludes in order to sexually assault them. However, Bill’s lawyers are clapping back. According to them, the media’s “inaccurate reporting” framed Bill as guilty; in the documents, he simply admitted to using recreational drugs for consensual sex. K.

“Reading the media accounts, one would conclude that defendant has admitted to rape,” Bill’s lawyers wrote in new documents. “And yet defendant admitted to nothing more than being one of the many people who introduced quaaludes into their consensual sex life in the 1970’s.”

They continued, “There are countless tales of celebrities, music stars, and wealthy socialites in the 1970’s willingly using Quaaludes for recreational purposes and during consensual sex. Yet, upon the unsealing of those excerpts, the media immediately pounced, inaccurately labeling the released testimony as Defendant’s ‘confession’ of ‘drugging’ women and assaulting them.”

We’re just going to leave this one with y’all… [Gawker]

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