Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: When Date Night Becomes Hate Night

"I woulda shook the f--- outta Rasheeda."

One of the funniest things to us is when the men of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta think they can fix the women’s problems. So when Tony and Kirk sprung a surprise double date on Kalenna and Rasheeda, it’s no wonder things went left. These women already dissolved their friendship and there was nothing, at least in that moment, that could fix it.

Later, Joc and Karlie discuss their meeting at her store and he discusses how immature it was for Karlie to bait KD and get her to come to her party. “I don’t really think she know who she’s dealing with. KD crazy! Karlie, you wanna play crazy, but KD CRAZY.” Better watch it, Karlie girl.