Will Kanye West Steal The Show In I Am Cait?

The Gossip Table attended a screening and brought back *SPOILERS.*

E!’s new eight-part docuseries about Caitlyn Jenner, I Am Cait, premieres July 26 at 8 p.m. However, you don’t have to wait that long to get some dish about the show. The Gossip Table found out some life-giving *SPOILERS* after attending a screening of I Am Cait last night. The biggest one? It’s very possible Kanye West will steal the show.

According to TGT, Kanye goes on one of his epic rants after meeting Caitlyn for the first time. He gives her a big ’ole hug and then feverishly talks about how Caitlyn’s transition is one of the most historic events in the universe (yup). ’Ye also praises Caitlyn for advancing social equality and and quite literally changing the world. D’awww, so tender!

Even better, though, is that audience members who attended last night’s screening actually burst into laughter after Kanye’s rant. It was sweet, don’t get us wrong, but after this impassioned speech from 2009, not many people can take him seriously.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.