Did Justin Bieber Get In The Way Of Taylor Swift’s Birthday Surprise For Selena Gomez?

The Bieber/Gomez drama will never end.

There’s no better birthday gift than a b-day shout out from the pop princess Taylor Swift— and when you’re her BFF like Selena Gomez, it gets extra special. Swift took to Twitter to share her adorable tribute wishing Selena a happy 23rd birthday.

Swift’s birthday shout outs have been a yearly treat for Gomez, but fans were speculating if she would follow through this year after rumors developed of Taylor and Selena’s ex Justin Bieber were hanging out and dating. T-Swift quickly shut down these theories stating that her and Biebs are just friends, and no matter what Selena plans to do going forward with her relationship with Justin, she will always support her.

Also, is this a Happy Birthday Selena subtweet from Justin? The Gossip Table thinks so.