Celebrities Having the Baller Summers You Can Only Dream Of

Prepare to be majorly jealous.

Summer is a time to unwind, relax, and blow lots of money. How much money one blows obviously depends on how much money they have. While you and I may not have stacks on stacks on stacks, celebrities do, and they spend them having the kind of baller summers that we can only dream of. And gawk at. Live vicariously through them by checking out these flicks of celebs living the luxe life. Pictures are almost as good as being there, right?

  • 1 Justin Bieber
    Forget summer, Justin has been having the most baller year. From beefing up for those steamy Calvin Klein ads, to hanging out with some of the hottest models in the industry, the “Where Are U Now” singer is living it up. For one thing, he’s chilling out on yachts.

  • 2 Justin Bieber
    He’s also flying to undisclosed locations on a private jet.

  • 3 Justin Bieber
    And he’s wearing seriously comfy robes at said locations. What could be more baller than that?

  • 4 Kendall Jenner
    Now that Kendall is a certified model, with the contracts and cash to prove it, it should come as no surprise that she’s having a totally luxurious summer. Kendall is doing what any cool model would do: She’s hanging out with all her best friends on a huge private boat.

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  • 5 Bella Hadid
    One of the babes in Kendall’s crew is none other than her friend and fellow model, Bella. Clearly, this young model is also having a fabulous summer and she’s not afraid to share it. Or her skin.

  • 6 Selena Gomez
    This summer, Selena has been busy making music and exploring Mexico with a bunch of her friends, family, and producers. Here she is with her friend and fellow musician Hit Boy.

  • 7 Selena Gomez
    Here are her and her peeps hanging out in treehouses in Mexico.

  • 8 Selena Gomez
    And last but not least, here they are jet-setting around on her private plane. Super casual. Super balling.

  • 9 Lala Anthony
    Lala has been having a very successful year career-wise. The Power star has been juggling being a mommy and a full-time actress, and she’s looking great doing it.

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  • 10 Rihanna
    Of course, Rihanna, a.k.a. the queen of the slay, is having a fabulous summer. Rih has been busy dropping insane videos, releasing secret perfumes and landing in multiple magazine spreads, but everyone knows she is all about that summer yacht life. Not only does the R&B superstar vacation on boats, she also has her chef catch and make her fresh fish on the boat. Who says you can’t be luxurious and practical?

  • 11 Gabrielle Union
    Gabrielle and her hubby Dwyane Wade have been having an amazing summer together. They’ve been traveling throughout China and balling out with friends on a private yacht.

  • 12 Angela Simmons
    Hip-hop legend Rev Run’s daughter Angela has been busy doing what celeb children do best: traveling and socializing. This summer the fashion designer traveled to Haiti for a service trip and spent her free time sailing around the island on a catamaran. When she returned to NYC, she was spotted at several upscale parties and shooting for a Growing Up Hip-Hop special for WeTV. Lots of work and play for Angela.

  • 13 Heidi Klum
    It seems that Heidi is perpetually on vacation, and this summer is no different. The former supermodel and her boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, were spotted laying out on a yacht while on their second getaway for this summer alone. That’s what we call balling.
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