Taylor Swift’s Apology To Nicki Minaj Is Late, But Better Late Than Never, Right?

War Is Over: the Twitter mayhem has officially stopped.

Taylor Swift has finally stopped licking the wounds she seemingly incurred from her Twitter debacle with Nicki Minaj. TSwift offered this very succinct apology to Nicki on Twitter, the plutonian platform where everyone decided to lay in on each other Tuesday night following the 2015 VMA nominations.

Taylor’s apology to Nicki is late, and it comes after Taylor got ripped apart yesterday by outlet after outlet for having distracted from the important conversation Nicki was trying to have about the VMAs and the music industry at large. Still, an apology is an apology, and it’s better late than never. Right? Welp, Nicki’s cool with it.

Maybe Taylor already called Nicki to dead the issue. Maybe the two are planning a weekend getaway to the mountains so they can talk it out in private and bake cupcakes. We don’t know what else went along with that tweet, but on its own, it seems to leave much to be desired on Taylor’s end. To give you a sense of how our office feels about it, here’s the conversation that went down in our chatroom:

Jordan: Is it worth doing a “War Is Over” piece and then never speaking of all this again?

Me: Can she take a seat now?

Christianna: ^agreed

Jordan: yup

Isha: *yawn*



So, yeah. That’s how that went. At any rate, the Twitter mayhem seems to have come to a close. Unless Perez Hilton comes back to troll us all.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.