The Little FUPA That Could: Basketball Wives LA Recap, Episode 403

"I don't like lying a-- b---hes."

It was the FUPA heard ’round the world! On Basketball Wives LA, everyone was going in. Jackie and Malaysia were still getting into it but then Mehgan and Patrice were getting into it but then Draya and Mehgan were getting into it. All that, and the HBIC of Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal, returned to try and tame this crazy bunch but we’re not sure how well she’s doing.

Need a refresher? Check out our handy recap for all the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from episode 403 now!

  • Jackie wants to know if Doug told Malaysia that his “wife has a big booty.” -_-

    Doug tells Jackie the he defended her honor. Jackie decides she’s going to try and sit down with Malaysia.

  • Did Jackie just basically say that Doug’s a minute man now?

    Shaunie O’Neal is back and is celebrating the big 4-0. Jackie tells Shaunie that a woman’s sex drive increases and she can go longer but that a man is more like a little kid again. Shaunie says Doug’s gonna be mad at Jackie.

  • Malaysia’s face when Jackie called her Laquisha

    Malaysia meets Jackie for a sorta apology. Malaysia says she is fine being fine with Jackie.

  • They are just OK.

    Jackie has a breakdown and says that her mother saw something special in Malaysia. Malaysia warms up a bit.

  • They are still NAH friends

    Malaysia meets up with Shaunie and explains that Jackie is a cuckoo but she’s totally down to be cordial.

  • “I don’t like lying a– b—hes”

    At Shaunie’s birthday party, Mehgan makes it clear she doesn’t like liars AKA Patrice.

  • Motha is not here for it.

    Patrice thinks Mehgan is a little girl and really is not here for this kind of drama.

  • Why’s er’rybody always picking on me?

    When the girls ask why Mehgan lied about “knowing” Jackie, JC gets very emotional and says everyone just makes her look crazy all the time.

  • The FUPA heard ’round the world

    Jackie screens her commercial for Draya who calls out this particular frame.

  • Professor Draya in da building

    Draya teaches Jackie that this is a F.U.P.A.

  • The face you make when you hear Draya has *criticisms* for you

    Jackie tells Mehgan that Draya has some constructive criticism about the commercial but won’t say what. Oy.

  • The sounds of Jackie Christie stirring the pot.

    Jackie then tells Draya that Mehgan asked her what Draya had to say about the commercial.

  • Words to live by, duh.

    Jackie wants have real convos with the girls at her Cognac Commercial Event.

  • Thottin’ ’n boppin’

    Mehgan bites back to Draya saying she has a FUPA. Asks how her boyfriend feels about Draya’s “vagina breaking the internet.” Eek.

  • Draya is basically, like, no.

    Draya says she was trying to help, as a woman, edit the commercial and she doesn’t know why Mehgan is ratcheting up Jackie’s event.

Do you think these two can mend ways? Do you think Shaunie is going to be able to get these girls into shape? Find out on an all new Basketball Wives LA next Sunday at 9/8c.