Malaysia Considered Quitting After Her Divorce & Thought Jackie Was Hiding “In The Broom Closet”

"She may trust me but I know Jackie and I know she wasn’t too far behind. I really thought maybe she was in the broom closet or something. "

After going through a public divorce and dealing with the loss of her younger brother, Malaysia Pargo returned to Basketball Wives LA with the same old drama coming from Jackie Christie.

VH1 chatted with Malaysia about her decision to return to Basketball Wives after such a traumatic year and about mending ways with Jackie after going on a “date” with her husband Doug Christie.

Was there any point between dealing with your divorce from Jannero and the death of your brother, that you considered not coming back to Basketball Wives LA?
Malaysia Pargo: Yes, I sort of always wait until the bitter end before I decide, yay or nay. I was going through a really, really tough time and it just seemed like I was starting to cope with everything that was going on around me before it was time to have to relive it all over again [on camera] to tell the story. I feel like if I’m quick to tell the good parts of my life, then why don’t I share the bad parts too, so that everyone knows we are human just like them. A lot of people want to shy away from bad parts of their life but I felt like I had to share it.

After you finished filming, were there any regrets about exposing everything that you and your family went through the last few years?
I don’t regret anything that I do. With everything that I do, I think it through and move from it. It’s a part of my life and I just now have it documented. I hope that people can either learn from it, or be inspired by it, or and know that you’re not supposed to stay in a place [in your life] because you’re comfortable or because others think you’re supposed to be there. You’re supposed to do whatever God moves you to do, or whatever makes you happy. You have to make a move to be happy, you can’t just stay stagnant.

It shows a lot of bravery, so thank you for sharing.
Thanks for allowing me to share my tragedy. [Laughs] I laugh now, because you have to laugh at it to keep from crying. I just think if I share my story and it can motivate, at least one person to just be happy in their own skin. Everything is not perfect and life is not perfect.

So, this season Jackie is trying to get in good with you and you said you’d meet with her if you could go on a date with Doug. Was there any part of you though, that thought that would actually happen or were you just joking?
I was definitely just joking. I, of all people, respect marriage and I actually admire their marriage and that they’ve been able to stay in it for however long, 16, 17 years, for however long they’ve been together. That’s one of the great qualities that Jackie Christie has, to be able to carry on a marriage so long. I wasn’t trying to be malicious to their marriage, I was being funny like, ‘Yeah, I’ll be Jackie’s friend again when she let’s me go on a date with Doug.’ I didn’t actually expect it to happen.

When you finally sat down with Doug where did you think Jackie actually was? At home?
I knew that she wouldn’t be too far ahead because she’s very insecure when it comes to other women around her man. She may trust me but I know Jackie and I know she wasn’t too far behind. I really thought maybe she was in the broom closet or something. [Laughs]

Did you leave that conversation learning anything new about Jackie Christie? Did it help?
Just to hear Doug speak about her and the love in his eyes for his wife. Just the passion for her, he knows her in a different light. I’ve never seen Jackie the way he described her. I did walk away feeling a little different about her until I seen her again. But Doug and Jackie, their relationship is just so amazing because it’s so magnetic, he really did have me thinking that, ‘Oh yeah, I can see her as a real person.’

Without giving away too much, where are you and Jackie today?
Jackie and I are at a standstill. We don’t hate each other at this point and we are definitely not best friends, we’re just at a standstill at this point. We can be a room together, we can do projects together without their being problems, we can say ‘hello’ to one another, all that. I would say we are cordial at this very moment.

Do you think Jackie goes home with any real, true friendships with any of the women from Basketball Wives?
I don’t know, you’d have to ask her that questions. I’m not sure who she has formed real friendships with, I only know me. [Laughs]

Find out what goes down between Malaysia, Jackie, and the rest of the girls on an all new Basketball Wives LA, Sunday at 9/8c.