Ed Sheeran Accidentally Pooped on Himself During a Concert


Ed Sheeran went a little too far in an interview with Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery when he was weirdly asked about farting while performing. He admitted to doing much MUCH more than that:

“I actually once misjudged a fart on stage, which ended up being a shart. It was, like, midway through a performance and I was really lively, and then halfway through I was like, ‘All right I’m just going to stand for the rest of the performance, and hope it’s over soon and then go home and throw these trousers out!’”

TMI Sheeran! It’s still not over. In the same interview, he proved that Dublin boys can be ratchet also by shamelessly admitting to while on tour having gone three days without changing his boxers. Tour life can get crazy, but sometimes keeping those experiences to yourself is best for everyone. I’m eating breakfast Ed! Get your life!