Director Steve McQueen Told Kanye West to “Beat Himself Up” Before Shooting “All Day” Video

That's an odd request.

Kanye West and director Steve McQueen made an unannounced appearance at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to unveil their collaborative music video, “All Day / I Feel Like That.” The two also sat down for a very exclusive talk, which dove into the process of making their music video.

According to the Los Angeles Times, McQueen discussed the artistic direction of their video, which is “to be a microscopic portrait of West, with the camera serving as a literally in-your-face observer.” Mirroring West’s life in the public eye, the video is about the “gaze and the gaze following you,” in McQueen’s states.

The 12 Years A Slave director also revealed that he asked West to “beat himself up” before the camera rolled to give himself a distressed, tired-out look.

When asked why he wanted to work with McQueen, Kanye replied, “I elevated my palate. I wanted him to be in charge… It wasn’t overly thought-out… He came to our wedding, also.”

Kanye also addressed the reasons behind his famous rants, “I go off on these rants that don’t make any sense but I don’t give a f*ck,” he told the audience. He accurately admitted that he’s a “bad celebrity but a pretty good artist,” also told the crowd that he views music “as a long training ground to be allowed to collaborate.”

“All Day / I Feel Like That” will be on view at the museum only for the next four days.