This Is What Happens When You Take a Selfie With a Rattlesnake

This awesome idea is not worth the outcome.

A man from San Diego tried to take the most bad ass selfie featuring his venomous pet rattlesnake, and it went horribly wrong. He obviously got himself bitten, but this isn’t the most shocking part. According to Complex, after his treatment the man shared his hospital bill, which came out to be over a whopping $150 thousand big ones to treat his injury.

Reporter Dan Haggerty shared footage of the man in hospital recovering from his wounds.

A week later, the snake selfie extraordinaire sent Haggerty a photo of his bill, which showed his staggering $153,161 balance.

Next time you want to take a crazy selfie just to get a few like on Instagram ask yourself, is it really worth? It’s definitely not worth $150,000.