10 Bizarre Beatles-Spawned Movie Musicals

As "Help!" turns 50, these psychedelic cinema songfests will have you shouting just that.

Help!, the second film starring the Beatles, hit theaters on July 29, 1965. 50 years later, it’s still an effervescent onslaught of off-the-wall comedy, innovative moviemaking, and one wondrous classic song after another— all resulting in ninety-six minutes of pure joy.

Director Richard Lester, who oversaw the Beatles’ big-screen debut, A Hard Day’s Night, also returned for Help! For their first collaboration, Lester shot in black-and-white, using an almost documentary style to chronicle one London day in the life of the humanity’s most explosive pop phenomenon. It is flawless.

Help!, while also perfect, is an entirely different undertaking. The movie launches the group into a splashy, madcap, full-color, globetrotting series of adventures, utilizing wild gags and flights of surrealism to spoof James Bond, Western interest in Eastern spirituality, avant-garde film techniques, and, of course, Beatlemania itself.

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