Elf Swag & Advizice: The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 414

"So, the dude, Laudie's on some elf swag."

Atlanta’s a no chill zone or nah? On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, all the couples are going through it. Bambi filmed a secret music video and that has Scrappy (and Rasheeda, Tammy, and Kirk) feeling some sort of way; Khadiyah is giving Joc an ultimatum because she just got punk’d by his exes; and Tony and Kirk are trying to get their wives to makeup at the most awkward double date in the world.

Need a refresher? Check out our handy recap for the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, episode 414!

  • Lyfe’s like, “Chill homie, I’m not about this reality life.”

    After Karlie and Sina play KD, Lyfe pulls Karlie aside to say that her actions are a reflection on him. Think Karlie will listen?

  • Baddest Booshes like straws.

    Joseline and Margeaux meet up…

  • Yup. Smells like bullshet.

    Margeaux is pissed that she got played by Stevie with the magazine shoot.

  • From. 0. To. 100. Right. Quick.

    But Joseline thinks Margeaux should be grateful for the opportunity since no one really knows who she is in ATL, yet.

  • When you find out your girl got pranked by your exes…

    Khadiyah tells Joc that Sina and Karlie ganged up on her. Joc gets defensive and KD says she needs space and Joc’s like, enough with the ultimatums.

  • Scrap needs the advizice

    The dudes gossip about Rasheeda and Kalenna beefing, KD being setup, and Scrappy giving a key to Bambi.

  • Oop.

    Tammy and Rasheeda go to the premiere of Laudie’s new video starring Bambi. Tammy thinks maybe there’s something else there based on their chemistry.

  • But Laudie’s kinda shorter than The Bam.

  • Rasheeda feels some kind of way about it…

    Rasheeda doesn’t know what Bambi is up to because usually Scrappy and her are always together.

  • Foxx ’n Sleazo together, finally.

    Stevie gives Tiffany a ’90s style track and says he doesn’t need Joseline’s approval to work with her. Uh oh. You sure, bruh?

  • Scrappy’s face when Kirk said, “It didn’t look like acting…from what I heard.”

    Rasheeda and Kirk meet Scrappy in the studio to tell him they thought Bambi having a secret music video screening was suspect.

  • When you know your name was just in everyone’s mouth.

    Scrappy asks Bambi about the video and she said she had to do it for herself. She’s sick of all of Scrappy’s drama and, maybe, she just needs to do her now.

  • #BBHMM

    Margeaux stops by Scrilla Guerillaz headquarters to demand her $10K from Stevie. Stevie says she won’t be on the cover now!

  • Shade battle

    Joc asks Karlie about her joining forces with Sina but the exes end up just insulting the others outfit.

  • Kalenna’s sleep tho

    Tony and Kirk surprise their wives by orchestrating the most awkward double date, ever.


    Things get pretty ugly between the to old friends. Rasheeda says Kalenna’s mad because she’s always “the other girl” and Kalenna says Rasheeda can sell lipstick but not her music. Yikes!

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