Funk Flex Lied To Black Twitter About A Meek Mill Diss Track Last Night And It Didn’t End Well

People want the DJ off the air.

Black twitter was NOT happy when Funk Flex failed to deliver the Meek Mill diss track he promised to drop last night.

A few days ago, Hot 97’s DJ Funk Flex went on social media and said that he had reference tracks of Drake’s songs and that Meek would be stopping by the studio on July 28th to debut his response to Drizzy’s “Charged Up.”

That big night came and went, and you know what happened? NADA!

Instead of having a Meek track, listeners spent three long hours listening to repeats of Future songs. Disappointment levels hit an all-time high when they realized that Flex wasn’t giving them what he promised.

Now, there’s even a petition to show the once-popular DJ the door.

Our theory is that Meek may have done this on purpose. He’s already admitted that he doesn’t like the station anyway.

And after Meek saw how twitter was reacting to the DJ’s lies, he decided to poke some fun at the situation.

All in all, things aren’t looking great for Hot 97 right now.

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