Dennis Quaid’s Explicit On-Set Rant Will Make You Fear for Your Life

Don't say you weren't warned.

Dennis Quaid lost his cool on the set of an unknown movie and TMZ has the terrifying NSFW video. The actor verbally attacks his co-workers, and after a few seconds of watching, you, too, will feel personally victimized by The Parent Trap star.

“What the f—, keep going! I am acting here, and this d—head wanders on to my set,” he screams. “I can’t even get a line out until dopey the d— starts whispering in your ear, you’re not even watching anymore.” An unidentified man chimed in in attempts to calm him down, which didn’t go over well. “I am a pro! This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on! This is horse s—!” He then proceeded to call everyone on set “pussies” and “zombies” before a door closed.

Is this a joke? Or has the actor officially lost touch with reality? If this is real, Annie would be appalled.


UPDATE, 4/15 3:30 pm

As it turns out, the staged rant was for a Funny or Die video. The director and crew he blew up on was on a fake set. See the full skit here. Real funny, guys. We’re still scared.

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