I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Draya Brings Attention To Mehgan’s “FUPA”

What the hell is a "FUPA" anyway?

On Sunday night’s episode of Basketball Wives LA, Jackie Christie is so excited to watch her cognac commercial for the first time with Draya. During this initial viewing Draya does not hold back her thoughts as she critiques the video, “After I seen Mehgan I just think there are minor, minor things that could be tweaked.” As soon as Draya brings attention to Mehgan’s “urban” shape, Jackie realizes it too – “Right there in all it’s glory is an extra roll and it’s kind of hanging over the front of the dress.”

Once Draya points this out, she goes on to explain that Mehgan has a little FUPA – Fat Upper P**** Area. A what?! When word gets back to Mehgan that Draya called her out on her body, the tables are turned as Mehgan goes off on Draya at the cognac commercial premiere party.

Was Draya really trying to be helpful with Jackie’s commercial? How could have Draya handled the situation differently?