Iconic Words and Catchphrases That Came From Reality TV

"B-I-C-T-H. And in that order!"

“Smush,” “HBIC,” “You better get your life!” These are just a few of the words, acronyms, and catchphrases that reign supreme in pop culture—all because of a godsend called reality television.

All month long, VH1 is celebrating reality TV with our Keeping It Real” package, and to help you navigate the world, we’ve put together a list of the most iconic phrases and words to come out of the phenomenon. From “bloop” to “Fix it, Jesus!,” here are choice words and phrases from your favorite shows.

Bible (bahy-buhl) noun / verb / phrase
Synonymous with “I swear.” You say “Bible” instead of saying “I swear” because you’re probably swearing on the Bible anyway. You know, because reality stars are such a pious bunch.

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