Rasheeda Says She’s A “Real Friend” & Kalenna “Was Brought On The Show” Because Of Her

"She was brought on the show because she's my friend so, evidently I had an influential part of that happening"

Rasheeda has found herself in more than one storyline this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Besides her relationship struggles with Kirk and his new client Ashley Nicole, Rasheeda has also been at odds with her best friend Kalenna.

VH1 had an exclusive chat with the rapper turned fashionista about how things went down between she and her former friend, why Tammy got herself involved, and how she really felt about Bambi keeping her music video a secret from Scrappy.

You and Kalenna both said some pretty hurtful things. Do you regret anything that was said or the way things went down between the two of you this season?
Rasheeda: Well, what I feel bad about is the fact that she’s dealing with postpartum [depression]. So her dealing with postpartum, I would hate for any woman to be in that situation, I felt as though that was something I was dealing with myself [and] it’s not a good feeling, it’s not a good place to be in and I feel sorry for her with that and hope that time can heal that situation.

As far as me and her’s relationship and what happened with us, I didn’t do anything to Kalenna. Like, I didn’t. I didn’t tell her business, I didn’t do none of that, her storyline was they money was low, that ain’t have nothing to do with me, that’s what they portrayed. The only thing I said when I had a conversation with Tammy was, “I hope, you know, we have to live within our means,” we were having a conversation just about ourselves in general and I said Kalenna and them got that big ole house, I hope they can take care of it, that shit is a lot of responsibility, believe me, I’m building a house and this shit is a lot. It was a conversation like that, I never talked about her, I never did that, I wouldn’t do that. Even after the fact of all the things that I heard that she said about me, which was way more than what was put on TV, I still wouldn’t sit there and talk about the girl because that’s just not how I roll. Now how they portrayed it on TV made me look like a f—ed up friend and a bad person and all of that, that’s just what they did for TV for good television. That’s so far from the truth.

When we spoke to Kalenna she said the hardest part was seeing you leave with Tammy, and it felt like you made a choice then and there…
No, she’s trying to make it like I made a choice. I didn’t make a choice. The situation went down and I was, I walked out. Kalenna was on ten, Tammy was feeling some kind of way, I was just like, “Hold up, hold up.” I was trying to break both of them up. One minute I’m on Kalenna’s side pulling her, the next minute I’m on Tammy’s side pulling her. I grabbed Tammy, I walked out the door. When I walked out the door, Tammy started talking to me, saying stuff to me and we had a conversation, after that conversation I felt like, you know what, this whole situation got crazy let me just go ahead and leave. It wasn’t about taking sides or none of that. First of all, we’re not in high school, we not in pre-school, we not in middle school. If I decided to walk, if I decided to walk back in the door, say “Bye, Kalenna” and walk out the door, it’s not about that. It’s about, I said, “Okay, I’m gonna leave if I felt some kind of way.”

I invited her to come to the studio to talk to me immediately after that. When she walked in there was no problem, no beef, no issues, no nothing. After I had heard the stuff that she had said about me to Tammy, on top of all of the other things that she had said about me to Tammy and other people. So, it’s not choosing sides, this ain’t high school. Like, for real.

Do you think there’s a way for you guys to be good again? A way for you to repair this friendship you had?
I mean, to be honest with you I feel like if it’s meant for us to be cool, we’ll be cool. If friends who have drama one time and their friendship can’t get past it, then how strong is the friendship? To me it’s really not that serious but at the end of the day if you’re feeling some kind of way and you feeling like this, that, this, and the third, I can’t control how she feels. Me, I really don’t have time to sit there and be bitter and mad at another woman who’s out here trying to get it and trying to do the things that she’s doing. If anything, you know, I would want to be a part of enlisting her and helping her get on a better page than sitting her beefing back and forth like we’re children, and we’re not.

So reality TV hasn’t ruined your friendship? I know some people are friends because they’ve met on the show but you and Kalenna have history and she came on the show as your best friend…
And there you just said it: she was brought on the show because she’s my friend so, evidently I had an influential part of that happening so keep [that] in mind when you look in that television and look in how things are brought and put together, I’m a real friend. I’m not some shady ass person and I’ve only been that and that’s who I am. Whatever people think, let them think that. At the end of the day, I didn’t do anything to Kalenna, she knows that and if we’re gonna be cool, we’re gonna be cool and if we’re not then we’re not because I know I didn’t do nothing. Had I been a dirty person and did something real f—ed up than I might have a different answer.

What do you think were Tammy’s motives in getting involved with all of this? And with bringing you to Bambi’s music video screening?
Well that would be a question you would need to ask Tammy. I don’t think she has any bad, I mean, I don’t think she really has any bad intentions. I think when, even with this situation with Kalenna, I think the thing was she got pissed off and she was just like, “As a matter of fact, she said this, this, that, and the third.” You know, I don’t really think that she was coming from a place of just trying to be f—ed up; I just think that she was mad because you know how you get when people mess with your family. That’s something that I think a lot of people can relate to. Maybe the approach could have been different on both ends because honestly Tammy did come in and say something, Kalenna said something and at the end of the day it got real ugly, really, really quick but I understand where Tammy was coming from, as far as kind of defending her mother-in-law in the situation. I understand where Kalenna is coming from, like, “Well s— this was a business conversation. [Gibberish] Woo-duh-woo-duh-woo-duh-woo” but all of that goes out the window when a family member gets offended and s— gets taken all the way wrong to the left, so I get where she coming from.

I don’t think Tammy had any wrong intentions on trying to do shady, do nothing f—ed up as far as telling me this and telling me that. I think it was an emotional thing and she was just like you know what Rasheeda, for real, for real because she knows, she knows I ain’t ever did nothing to Kalenna and never said nothing about Kalenna. So at the end of the day she’s just like but, damn. She went off on Deb, me and her got into it, you and her are having problems, like you know be careful.

And what was your impression of the music video when Tammy took you to the screening?
I was just, like, “I didn’t know Bambi did music videos.” Really, I was just like, wow, okay. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I was just meeting with Tammy for drinks and to kick it so then when I saw that, I was like, well, s—, I didn’t know Bambi did videos and stuff like that. I thought she did music herself.

Did the video and her chemistry with Laudie make you uncomfortable? Did it not feel like acting?
Really, I don’t, it’s not my place but the weird, kinda thing about it was normally her and Scrappy are side-by-side so I was just like, “Where’s Scrappy at?” Normally they be together.

Did you feel caught up in the middle between them at all? You obviously have been friends with Scrappy for years and you and Kirk went to the studio to talk to him about the video.
Yeah, that was something I really didn’t want to do or have any parts of, to be 100% honest with you but sometimes you just get pulled into some s—. [Laughs] But you know, people do music videos as a job, for one. But do I feel pulled between Bambi and Scrappy? No, because me and Scrappy and Kirk we’re like family friends, like we’ve been knowing each other for a long, long time. And my first encounter with Bambi was, she was in the hot tub with Kirk at the cabin so our first intertwining with one another was not a good thing. We’re cordial and we’re cool and all that but Scrappy’s family.

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