LOL, Who Bought Jennifer Lopez Booty Shorts For Her Birthday?

Apparently, they're friends. Who knew?!

We already know Jennifer Lopez has the best butt in showbiz. Ergo, it’s safe to assume ass-inspired gifts are A+ in her book.

Such is the logic Royal Pains actor Mark Feuerstein employed when he picked out a present for J.Lo’s birthday last week. (Who the hell knew these two were friends? Is J a closeted Royal Pains stan?)

The Gossip Table reports the actor—who is actually a low-key hottie—arrived at popular Hamptons boutique What Goes Around Comes Around last week after it closed for the day. This was a major issue, because he had to pick out the perfect pair of booty shorts for his (apparently) good pal Jenny.

Thankfully, the benevolent salesgirl had a heart that day and let Mark in. He selected a pair of booty shorts covered in hand-painted daisies for Ms. Lopez. Perfect present, eh?

Afterwards, the two partied together at Jennifer’s birthday bash at 1 OAK in South Hampton. SQUAD GOALS.