Girls Who Code Present “The Top 20 Reasons Why A Girl Should Code”

Girls who code run the world.

While many high schoolers were spending the day lounging around for the sake of summer, 20 rising high school junior and senior girls from the New York metro area were taking part in a seven-week program called Girls Who Code.

Viacom is hosting the girls for the summer in our New York offices, where they get to learn more about what we do. While here at VH1, the girls spoke with executives and product developers, and also took over our show, The 20.

The result of their visit is the above clip, titled “The Top 20 Reasons Why A Girl Should Code.” Learn more about why girls should learn how to code in the clip above, and catch The 20 when it airs on Saturdays at 9 a.m.

Who run the world?

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