The Pod Twins Come for the Maries on Twitter During Twinning Episode 2

When the cameras weren't rolling, there was still plenty of bad blood.

On the second episode of VH1’s new show Twinning there was plenty of drama and shade to go around. While Tre and Torian celebrated their birthday in the house, The Maries ended up in a feud with Nicole as well as Josh & Chris. At the end of the day, they proved there was more to them (and their Louis Vuittons) then meets the eye, since they won the twin-off and sent Josh and Chris packing…but the real battle ended up being on Twitter. Check out how the stars and fans alike reacted to last night’s episode.
  • Like Last Week…The Pod Twins Held Nothing Back When Coming for The Maries

  • The Maries Tried to Take the High Road and Support Each Other

  • But They Had to Get a Little Leopardy When Push Came to Shove

  • Meanwhile Shawn and Claire Are Over Here Like

  • Fans Were Divided in the Marie/Pod Feud

  • Skyler and Spencer Reacted to the Fire They Felt in the House

  • Torian and Tre Still Have the Ladies Swooning

  • And They Spent Their Birthday Together!

  • But Torian and Kristina Most Definitely Need a Room

  • The Twin-Off Was a Bit Nail-Biting

  • A Few Fans Weren’t All Too Sad to See Josh and Chris Go

  • Let’s Just Say They Made a Few Enemies Along the Way

  • And The Maries Aren’t Going Anywhere…Yet

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