Jessica Dime & Tiffany Foxx Come To Major Blows In The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sneak Peek

"She's telling me that Stevie doesn't want to work with you. She's telling me that Jazze is not interested in working with you."

The drama runneth deep between femcees Tiffany Foxx and Jessica Dime. In a sneak peek for the next Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the twosome bump into one another in the club, and just when it seems like maybe they can get on their grown women ish, things take a turn.

Tiffany lets Dimepiece know that Mimi has her in the studio with Stevie J and Jessica definitely feels a kind of way about it. When The Foxx let’s Jessica know that Mimi said Stevie and Jazze Pha don’t want to work with her because she’s unpolished, Jessica loses it.

Dang! The turn up is real. Do you think these two can ever get along? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop Atltanta, Monday at 8/7c.