Who Does Britney Spears Want To Play Herself In A Big Screen Biopic? Find Out!

Her shortlist is chock-full of A-listers.

Is a Britney Spears biopic on the horizon? We don’t know for sure, but producers are very interested in the idea. And, even better, the pop princess herself knows who she’d like to see step into her shoes.

The Gossip Table reports BritBrit would love Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, or Natalie Portman to portray her on the big screen. That’s a pretty hefty list, B!

But would these actresses even want to play Ms. Spears, whose 2007 public breakdown played out like a soap opera in the tabloids? There’s no denying Britney’s life has been interesting, to say the least, and that certainly translates to a juicy film role. An actor’s dream, to be honest.

From this list, we think JLaw is the right chick for the job. We already know she’s an awesome dancer from 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook.

Plus, she can easily capture Britney’s magnetic sex appeal.

And her goofball personality has 1998-2003 Britney written all over it.


Alright, this needs to happen. We’re already pissing our pants in excitement. (Don’t judge!)