Tammy Says Kalenna Is “Really Fake” & Her “Story Line Is Rasheeda’s From First Season”

"She bashed Rasheeda but she’s stealing her whole life story so I just feel like she really is low key, really fake."

Tammy Rivera was a fan favorite on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta so when she and hubby Waka Flocka decided not to return, fans were understandably disappointed but then Tammy flipped the script and popped back up. VH1 had a chat with Tammy about her fight with Kalenna in Deb’s honor and why she brought Rasheeda to Bambi’s music video premiere.

You and Waka decided not to return to the show this season, so what convinced you to pull a pop-up?
Tammy Rivera: Well, actually, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to return. Behind the scenes, when we weren’t filming, Kaleena had said a lot of, she had tried to start a lot of drama between me and Rasheeda, off camera. And she was like, “If we could just talk about it” [on the show] and I was like, no we’re not about to create drama for TV. I guess she wanted more camera time, so when she came at Deb sideways, I felt as though that needed to be addressed. People [are] probably thinking like “Oh Tammy wanted camera time,” not knowing that I could of came back at the beginning of the season, if I wanted too.

Can you explain what happened between you and Kalenna, off camera, that made you feel that you needed to clear the air?
What happened which nobody knows, she contacted me one day and was like, “Yeah, you know, don’t trust Rasheeda” and “That bitch is fake and I don’t f— with her and this, that, and the third”. Me and Rasheeda, we always had a cool relationship but we were never best friends. We just had a good time. We talked to each other. We’d link each other up but then I started feeling like we were both distancing from each other, not really knowing why. So I got a call from Rasheeda pretty much and [she said] that Kaleena called her and said that I talked about her house to her and I’m like,”What?” So I’m like let’s call her now and straighten this out. So when I called Kaleena, Kaleena was like “Nah, yo, I just felt, you know that’s my girl. I just felt like we should talk about it. Let’s just talk about it on camera” and I was like, “Let’s not.” We are all grown ass women, like no one’s about to talk about the he say, she say s— on camera. I felt like she conjured up all this stuff [for TV]. Me and Rasheeda already knew what was really good behind closed doors but then once the situation happened with Kalenna and Deb, I felt like she needed to be sold [out].

What did you think after you saw the actual meeting between she and Deb on TV? Did you feel that she came at Deb in an aggressive or wrong way?
Yes, I did, because they didn’t show the complete thing, what they showed was pretty much nothing. There was a whole 45 minute-hour meeting and only a minute of it gets shown. So they didn’t show when [Kalenna] was asking her, “Well why don’t you manage your son’s career?” and “What happened with you and Gucci [Mane]?” and “Why everybody you manage leave you?” — like all these disrespectful things. When it comes to family like her asking between her and her son, everyone knows that business and personal, it’s a very touchy subject. It’s like asking Usher why your mother don’t manage you anymore? There’s a lot of people who have mom managers who decided to part ways because it’s kinda personal and it’s business. So there’s a lot of stuff that she addressed during the scene that was not shown. So when I stepped to Kaleena, she knew exactly why I was stepping to her.

Did you feel like her questions were maybe warranted because she was trying to figure out if she was going to work with Deb or do you think she was just instigating?
I feel like she was just trying to create drama because she said, “Oh, I’ve got Nicki [Minaj] on speed dial. I got Lady Gaga on speed dial”. If you have these people on speed dial, why couldn’t you call them and ask them, “I’m thinking about getting Deb Antney to mange me, so what was the situation with you guys?” Why wouldn’t you ask questions like, “What can we do for my career, like what is the plan? What do we have? What plans do you have for me? Those are the questions that she should have been asking. And I get that completely, those aren’t the reasons I stepped to her. The reason why I stepped to her was why she asked her, “Why everyone you manage leave you? Why you don’t manage your son anymore? Well I got Nicki on speed dial and I got this and I got that.” I feel like you didn’t come to Deb to talk to her about management. You came here to try and down her and bash her on national television.

Have you spoken to Kalenna since the incident happened between the two of you?
Kaleena, there’s no, nothing. I just feel like she’s very fake and she plays this all up for the viewers this season. When her whole story line is pretty much Rasheeda’s story line from first season – getting pregnant, husband don’t wanna manage her, I’m going through postpartum depression and it’s just weird to me. She bashed Rasheeda but she’s stealing her whole life story so I just feel like she really is low key, really fake. I hope as the season continues people will start to see how she really is because she’s kinda playing on everyone’s emotions right now with this, “Oh, I’m postpartum depression and my husband don’t wanna manage me”. And we’ve already seen this before with Rasheeda in first season. I don’t really care for her. There’s nothing to discuss between me and her, at all.

So let’s discuss what happened with you going to Bambi’s music video party and bringing Rasheeda? Like Rasheeda and Scrappy are close friends, so what were your intentions? Were you worried about what that would do to Bambi’s relationship?
What kind of got me back was the fact that Bambi is a friend of mine and she doesn’t really mess with a lot of the other girls, as far as her personal business and me and her are really close friends so she hit me up and was like “Can you please film with me so I can get this stuff off my chest?” so that the fans can see what’s going. Of course, I was like yeah, no problem. I didn’t even know Rasheeda and Scrappy had a quote unquote “relationship”. I mean Rasheeda’s also cool with Erica. But Rasheeda’s cool with me and Rasheeda’s pretty much cool with a lot of people. I didn’t think that that was something, it wasn’t like no one was trying to hide anything. It was a video that she did that was eventually gonna be shown. Bambi is a very close friend of mine so if she didn’t feel no type of way about me inviting Rasheeda then I’m quite sure then there was no problem with it.

But did you feel responsible at all when Rasheeda told Kirk and Kirk told Scrappy that it looked like Bambi wasn’t acting in the video?
I know! I didn’t expect for Rasheeda to go back and run her mouth. I mean, I didn’t think that she was gonna go back and tell. That’s kinda, I never was expecting for her to tell. I wouldn’t have gotten that from Rasheeda. So when she did go back and tell, I mean, of course that was shady a little. I addressed Rasheeda, I was like, “Yo, what was that about? I brought you to an event and then you went back and you told Scrappy and I’m like, what was that about?” And she was like, “You right, I apologize. I didn’t mean no disrespect by it. I was kinda put in a situation with Kirk,” however that boiled down. Whether Rasheeda told or whether Scrappy saw it on TV, it was gonna be seen anyway so she kinda did Bambi a favor by telling him.

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