Ice-T Voicing Childhood Cartoon Characters Is A True Blessing

He's the ultimate Care Bear.

If you fell asleep last night watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, then you missed an amazing factoid: Ice-T used to voice some of your favorite childhood cartoon characters!

OK, not really. Buuuut Jimmy Fallon did put the iconic rapper up to a video gag that will leave you in stitches. Ice went behind the mic and did voiceover work for three beloved cartoons. And it was absolutely epic. (We’re still crying over it, honestly.)

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First up, Care Bears. Ice-T embodied a Grumpy Bear that would probably get arrested by his Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character Detective Tutuola. Why? Because he turned an innocent toy into a bong. FOR DRUGS.

Next, he stepped into Papa Smurf’s shoes. And, welp, that ended in a b—ch-slap.

But the best was when Icy Ice tackled the complicated, nuanced role of Diego from Dora the Explorer. The low-key Fallon shade was an A+ touch.

Do you love yourself? Then you’ll watch the video above. It’s lightyears better than any ab workout.