MisterWives Shows Toyota What Makes Them Dream Big

The band gives us a tour of their hometown.

Indie pop band MisterWives is enjoying a fantastic year following the success of their first album Our Own House and flaw-free single “Reflections.” The New York City-based group turned their big music dreams into reality, and that’s amazing. They’re major life inspirations, to be honest. (If only I could sing!)

The peeps over at Toyota wanted to know exactly what drives MisterWives’ ambition, so the band took them for a spin around their hometown Queens. As it turns out, much of MisterWives’ passion comes right from their own house.

“This is that magical thing you’re always looking for in a band,” MisterWives lead singer Mandy Lee said. “We didn’t realize how incredible it can be when you mix your best friends into the formula.”

And that formula started right in the beloved NYC borough. “[MisterWives] really surpassed our wildest dreams,” Mandy added. So wonderful!

Check out these photos of MisterWives—literally—in their natural habitat. (And go listen to ’em if you haven’t yet!)

Mandy kicking back at her pad.

And playing the keyboard, of course!

Queens is a place of pride for MisterWives, and they were stoked to show Toyota around.

Pulling up for an epic jam session!

MisterWives loves Boatel, a fun Rockaway Beach destination.