Kitty Cliques & The Fupa Case: Basketball Wives LA Recap, Episode 404

"Somebody's underneath Draya?"

The ladies of LA got a taste of Miami when the OGs came to town on Basketball Wives LA. Shaunie met up with her girlfriends Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman who both read the LA ladies for filth. Meanwhile, Mehgan and Draya’s issues continued to bubble over with Jackie Christie somewhere close by. Need a refresher?

Check out our handy recap for the most memorable, ridiculous, and hilarious moments from Basketball Wives LA, episode 404!

  • When you gotta correct a heux’s pronunciation of FUPA

    The beef between Draya and Mehgan is still popping at Jackie’s screening. Jackie keeps yelling FRUPA so Draya has to help her with the correct pronunciation.


    Mehgan is hot at the premiere, listening to Draya and the other girls giggling about her body.

  • Motha has had it

    Jackie is sick of being stuck in the middle. Shaunie sticks up for Mehgan so Draya leaves then Mehgan leaves without saying goodbye to Jackie.

  • *um, just gonna put this here*

    While shopping for the cancer event, Mehgan says Jackie was too drunk to defend her at the screening. Jackie, surprisingly denies this.

  • The face you make when JC says she’s never been drunk

    Mehgan pulls up a nude photo of Draya from the internet and says “that’s urban.” She and Jackie are cool but she’s done with Draya.

  • Did you peep this portrait of Brandi and Jason?

  • Back to basics

    Brandi and Jason FaceTime while he’s on the road. Brandi wants them to start dating (each other) again so they can get back on track.

  • “Claim your shade!”

    Shaunie meets up with OG Evelyn Lozada and they talk about how proud they are of Mehgan for sticking up for herself against Draya.

  • The kween of shade returns

    Evelyn does the best and most ridiculous impersonation of Jackie Christie.

  • Hi, Angel!

    Draya meets her friend Angel Brinks who has a child with a basketball player. She gets emotional about her daughter having daddy issues and her son’s father being deceased. Draya thinks a good idea to cheer her up is to get in the mix with these gals. OKKKKK.

  • If looks could kill it’d be all, RIP Draya Michele

    The ladies meetup to discuss Jackie’s fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer. Mehgan burns a hole through Draya’s head. The drama continues.

  • Draya going to a Patti Labelle concert or nah?

    Malaysia arrives late and reads everyone’s outfit for filth. The ladies decide they should go on a trip to Santa Barbara. Draya wants to bring Angel. Shaunie’s not feeling that.

  • Monkey in the middle upside down

    Jackie goes to an aerial silks class with Angel and Draya and is offended that Draya considers Angel a “true” friend.

  • Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain

    Draya thinks everyone [*cough* Mehgan *cough*] is too dang sensitive.

  • WOTT

    Draya is stunned to find out that Malaysia and Brandi both LIKE Mehgan. Draya says she’s not feeling this vacation but Brandi says she’s going.

  • Tami Roman on Malaysia and Brandi:

    Shaunie meets up with another OG and tells her these girls are a different breed.

  • Tami Roman on Draya:

    Shaunie catches Tami up on Draya thinking she’s above the other ladies. Shaunie also says Tami keeps almost too real.

Find out if the FUPA case is really closed on an all new Basketball Wives LA next Sunday at 9/8c.