Has Drake Made Himself the Villain in New Meek Mill Diss?

Another day, another diss.

Every great villain has an iconic villainous laugh, and Drake just debuted his. He continued his never-ending beef with Meek Mill last night with triumphant shade when asked about taking L’s during a kickball game. His reply: “Listen man, like you said, I haven’t taken a loss all week,” as he sports a “6 God” tee with the “Charged Up” logo on the back.

The triumphant diss was cool, but his villainous grin and laugh that followed was Joker level. Like integration scene Joker in the Dark Knight, he doesn’t feel threatened in anyway. Meek Mill’s latest diss track was a let down, and Drake knows it. He’s winning the beef at this moment, and doesn’t seemed phased by Meek at all. Golly gee willikers Meek, what are you going to do?