Barack Obama Is the Sexiest President to Ever Grace the White House

That's Panty-Dropper-in-Chief to you.

Whether you worship Barack Obama, are counting down the days until his ass is out of office, or don’t even know what politics are, you can’t deny that this leader of the Free World can get it. Sure, hot prezzys like JFK and Bill Clinton (still too soon?) sparked our interest in political affairs, but Barack, who celebrates his 54th birdthay today, is the ultimate presidential bae. Here’s why.

  • First of all, he told us what TF was up in his victory speech and we felt things we didn’t know we could.

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    His assertiveness could talk us into just about anything. A-n-y-thing.

  • Then, his side dimple comes out to say hello when you least expect it.


    Like 👉👌.

  • Or when he’s all, “Yeah I’m down for role-play.”



  • How about exercising 24/7 DILF-ness?


    Family values = straight-up sex.

  • Wait. Did he just sing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” the sexiest sex song of all time, and sing it damn well?

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    Yeah, he did. And now you’re preg.

  • When his sleeves are rolled up like that.


    Perfect placement, IMO.

  • Reading “Mean Tweets” because his sexiness withstands all.

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    I’m sorry, were you hating on me? Couldn’t hear you through my beaming sexual aura.

  • CC

    A man in charge says things like: “You’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job. I decided I’m going to take a shot at yours.” And then makes us start sweating ASAP.

  • When he did a little shaky shake on Ellen.

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  • Just like that.

  • When he plays hard to get with us.


    Biting that lower lip like damn.

  • Or when he goes in on a hot dog.


    We like a man with an appetite.

  • He shows off his pop culture knowledge.


    We have so much in common.

  • And when he smiles like…


    Yeah, I’m hot as shit, bitches.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.