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10 Rockers Who Got Their Ass Kicked

Find out which musicians are better at making music than putting up their dukes.

What with the myths of the hard living “rock n’ roll lifestyle” and their allusions to outlaw culture, many musicians like to think of themselves as genuine bassasses. However, the fact of the matter is that most musicians are the types of people that spent their high school afternoons learning their instruments and working on their stage moves in front of their bedroom mirror, not letting their fists do their talking down in the streets.  And while some genuine tough guys do exist in the worlds of hip hop and heavy metal, there are far more that would be well advised to try to talk their way out of a fight or leave it to one of the members of their road crew.  We’ve shown you what happened when rockers attack, we’ve showed you bands that came to blows and now is the time to talk, and show you when possible, 10 musicians who at one point in their life unfortunately got their asses handed to them in a big way. And there’s no shame in that. We can’t all be Lemmy.

  • Glenn Danzig Gets Knocked Out

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    In his early Misfits days the diminutive horror core titan had a reputation for being nice with his fists, however, it’s never a good idea to set things off with a guy a good foot taller than you are. The funny thing is, from this video it appears Danzig is the one who started the fight, but there’s nothing like a good haymaker to end it.

  • Kurt Cobain Gets Kicked And Punched

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    It’s easy for things to get out of hand in the heat of a rowdy rock show, but when Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain got a little too aggro with a bouncer he ended up catching a fist in the face and worse before his bandmates came to his aid.

  • Rollins Gets Brained In Berlin

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    Confrontations with audience members were a constant during Henry Rollins tenure as lead singer of seminal hardcore band Black Flag. At about the 5:56 mark in this video Hank gets nailed right in the face with a full can of beer, the force of which left him staggering about the stage before he regained his footing and threatens to do in kind with the heavy end of a mic stand.

  • Trouble In Texas For The Jesus Lizard

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    About a minute into this performance by these infamous noise rockers, some idiot chucks a beer bottle at the stage which knocks out lead singer David Yow cold. Not one to be intimidated, Yow regains consciousness, says “Nice shot dick” and the band picks up where they left off.

  • Gavin DeGraw Gets Hospitalized

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    The singer-songwriter has had a slew of hits with his melodic faux-rock, but unfortunately someone else was doing the hitting one night in 2011 when DeGraw was jumped by assailants outside his East Village bar and hit by a taxi cab while trying to get away.

  • Jack White And Black Eyes For Jason Stollsteimer 

    The respective White Stripes and Von Bondies frontmen were buds early on, but things eventually went south between the Detroit scenesters over production credits and possibly women. So it was that in 2003 the two got into an altercation, with White giving Stollsteimer a massive black eye and bruised face. Google it. For real.

  • Krist Noveselic: Revenge Of The Bass

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    Equipment smashing was a major part of early Nirvana shows, however lanky bassist Noveselic got more than he bargained for during this VMA performance when he chucked his bass into the air and it smashed him in the face, nearly knocking him out.

  • Greg Dulli Gets His Skull Fractured

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    The Afghan Whigs singer had a reputation for being a bit obnoxious, as seen in this video from ’94, however nothing deserved the beating he took from a Texas bouncer in 1998, which put him in the hospital with a fractured skull. Fortunately he made a full recovery from his injuries and the band recently reunited for a successful concert tour.

  • Note To Marty Balin, Don’t Piss Off The Hells Angels

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    Among the worst decisions in the history of rock n’ roll was The Rolling Stones decision to have the feared outlaw motorcycle club handle security at their free 1969 concert at the Altamont Speedway in Northern California. What should have been the “West Coast Woodstock” was by all accounts a blood bath, which resulted in four deaths, including one murder. The violence started early and as Jefferson Airplane singer Balin tried to mediate, he was knocked unconscious by an unidentified biker.

  • Noel Gets Knocked Over

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    The rowdy Brit-pop band made plenty of enemies during their time together but no one can say why a Toronto fan ran up on stage and knocked over the guitar playing Gallagher brother in 2008. Though he face plants pretty hard, no serious injuries were sustained.