The Foxx & The Dimepiece: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 415

"The b---h ain't got no class."

They say when one door closes, another opens? On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as one conflict is resolved, another erupts.

Bambi and Scrappy settled their drama but Stevie and Joseline’s spirals out of control. Momma Dee is preparing for a wedding that is sure to be dramatic with the inclusion of both Erica Dixon and The Bam and Kalenna is dealing with some real depression without the help of her best friend Rasheeda. Need a refresher?

Check out handy recap for all the most hilarious, ridiculous, and memorable moments from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, episode 415!

  • Rasheeda’s won’t flinch a b—h

    As Kalenna storms out of their meeting, Rasheeda tells her to get a life.

  • Tony throws Kalenna under the bus

    Meanwhile, an emotional Kalenna can’t believe Tony put her and her postpartum depression on blast in front of Kirk and Rasheeda.

  • When your ex’s mom asks you to be in her wedding (and when that mom is Momma Dee)

    Momma Dee asks Erica Dixon to be one of her bridesmaids.

  • The Baddest Boosh has more important places to be…

    Tiffany Foxx meets Mrs. Jordan to make sure it’s OK for her to work with Stevie.

  • *Jessica Dime-Penny-Nickel-Gutter-Rat*

    They end up bonding over their mutual disrespect for Jessica Dime.

  • When your boo got a new man (and your mom’s sitting next to you)

    Nikko and Margeaux sit down with Nikko’s mother to let her know they’re getting a divorce but the secret that Margeaux has a new boo comes out at the dinner.

  • Squirrel Friends

    Kalenna opens up to Karlie about her depression and Karlie admits that she struggled with postpartum depression, as well. Kalenna says she’s going to seek help.

  • “I love you like Italians like pasta.”

    Bambi apologizes to Scrappy for the Laudie video she filmed and says she needs to have a life outside of being his girlfriend. Scrappy says he’s going to support her and that their love is real.

  • Joseline in the studio like:

    Joseline starts working on a new song without Stevie and tells Karlie that he’s her husband but he’s just another trick right now.

  • “I’m starting to think all these people insane.”

    Jessica is over Mimi and Margeaux is over Stevie – they decide to collaborate on a “Start A War” remix.

  • *Raise you’re hand if you’re not here for it* (ʘ_ʘ)

    Momma Dee’s daughter is not having the wedding on such short notice. Bambi and Erica can’t keep their arguing at bay.

  • Joseline in bed like:

    Joseline waits to see if Stevie is going to tell her about Tiffany.

  • #TheGoodGuy’s none too pleased

    Stevie doesn’t so she tells him she met with The Foxx and tells him she’s starting to do her own thing when it comes to her career because that’s what he’s doing.

  • Brandy: Tiffany: I just wanted to let you know he’s mine.

    All “The Boy Is Mine” style, Tiffany lets Jessica Dime know that she’s worked with Stevie and Jazze and that Mimi’s been talking smack behind her back.

  • Dime pulls a “Baddest Boosh Straw Suck” move

    Jessica is livid that Mimi is talking smack and she gets competitive with Tiffany which turns into a hurled drink.

  • But Dawn’s like, “It’s hip to wear shades.”

    Jessica tells Dawn that she is so over Mimi and her s—.

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