Tyra Banks’ Wildest America’s Next Top Model Moments

"Be quiet, Tiffany!"

If you never watched America’s Next Top Model, then we can’t be friends. Seriously, you don’t even have to like America or tops or models to enjoy the show. You just have to like one thing: Tyra Banks spazzing out. And, let’s keep it real, who doesn’t live for that?

Whether she’s trademarking some idiotic word, making contestants walk on nails/slam into glass/eat fire, or saying the phrase “When I was a model,” there’s no denying ANTM is top-shelf programming because of her. You should watch it at work. And church.

The show’s 22nd cycle airs tonight at 8/7c on the CW. To celebrate this monumental event, relive Tyra’s 12 wildest ANTM moments—one for every year the show’s been on air. (If your name is Tiffany, we recommend leaving this post immediately.)

  1. The time she wore a kangaroo costume. (Cycle 8)

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    Simply to tell the girls they were going to Australia. Any chance to get the spotlight on her.

  2. The time she told Celia to stay in her GD lane. (Cycle 12)

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    C tried to save Kortnie from elimination, but all she got was, “Take your place, Celia.” Does anyone know CPR? Anyone?

  3. The time she twerked during panel like she was buying groceries or something. (Cycle 6)

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    Is she thotting or just getting her life? For sure the latter.

  4. The time she made a contestant answer a tough question. (Cycle 1)


    Who the hell are you, Tyra?

  5. The time she made this face. (Cycle 7)

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  6. Oh, and this face. (Cycle 7)

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  7. Yep, this one, too. (Cycle 7)


    Cycle 7 was a weird time, guys. (Remember when effing CariDee won over Melrose? Still salty.)

  8. The time she acknowledged Cycle 4’s impact on world history. (Cycle 19)

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    Leave it to Tyra to pay tribute to herself.

  9. “Smizing” as a general concept. (All Cycles)

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    Are your eyes bleeding and irritated rn?

  10. Any time she coined a dumb-ass word. (All Cycles)

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    Please see: Smize, tooch, H-2-T, Pot Ledom. (BRB. Puking.)

  11. The time she pretended to almost die for the sake of a “lesson.” (Cycle 6)


    ACTING! WE’RE LEARNING ABOUT ACTING! (Meanwhile, these girls are having casual heart attacks.)

  12. And, finally, the time she silenced Tiffany. (Cycle Four)

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    Such a groundbreaking moment for the word “quiet.”