LHHATL Bonus: Joc Tells Sina To Leave KD Alone…But He Can’t Keep His Hands Off Her

We have a feeling that KD won't be happy when she sees this.

In this bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Yung Joc meets up with Sina, in a baby store…which is his first issue. Joc, you oughtta stay out of a baby store. You got eight kids, so don’t get any more ideas.

Anyway, Joc wasn’t exactly picking out baby clothes, he came to tell Sina to leave KD alone after she teamed up with Karlie Redd to trick her. We’re sure you can imagine how well that went. While Sina is still clearly mad at Joc, she wasn’t entirely honest with how things went down. Instead of mentioning that she masterminded (s/o Nikko) the plan, she simply said that Karlie invited her to an event. Let’s just say that KD would probably drop down into her deep angry voice when she sees Joc’s wandering hands at the end of this clip.

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