All The Ways Drake Slayed Meek Mill During Last Night’s OVO Fest Set

Game over, Drake officially won.

August 3rd, 2015—that’s the date when Drake’s shade level reached an all-time high, slaying poor Meek Mill like never before.

From a “Free Meek Mill” shirt to a meme-filled big screen display of Meek disses, social media’s usual antics and more, here are all of the times Meek got slayed during Drake’s set at the 6th annual OVO Fest in Toronto.

1. Before the show began, Drake made sure to rehearse. But no headlining rapper can practice without his handy-dandy “Free Meek Mill” shirt, right?

2. Drake kicked things off in high gear with the one-two punch of “Charged Up” and “Back To Back.” But a double dose of diss tracks wasn’t enough—he filled the jumbotron with some truly choice Meek memes from the past few weeks.

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