We’re Calling It Now—Beyonce Is Gearing Up To Announce A Second Baeby At This Year’s VMAs

We've got some compelling evidence.

Laptop enthusiast Beyonce let us know in Life Is But a Dream that she doesn’t go anywhere without her laptop. Woman after my own heart.

Our Queen has recently been spotted a few times carrying a variety of things, laptop included, in public — in front of her stomach, and people are fascinated by it.

Some are hung up on the fact that Bey is carrying these things when it should probably be someone’s job to carry them for her. Others, like me, are fascinated by the most recent picture of Bey in a denim jacket and white maxi, because, well, is she pregnant?

It’s wishful thinking, and to be honest, it’s the over-sized denim jacket, a style Bey has worn before, that’s truly sparking the conversation. But, hey, maybe Beyonce is pregnant. I love pregnant people, and I love Beyonce. So you can imagine how I feel about a pregnant Beyonce.

That said, Bey looks bomb as ever — pregnant or not, and the laptop is likely a sign that she’s hard at work on new music. New music or a baby — either way, good things are coming. And the VMAs take place later this month, so this is always a possibility:

Again, wishful thinking.