The Woman Claiming to Be the RL Cookie Lyon Has a Fashion Game that Makes Me Believe Her

A Detroit woman is suing Empire creators for stealing her life.

Empire’s Cookie Lyon is a life and fashion empress. But was there one who came before her? Detroit woman Sophia Eggleston has reportedly filed a $300 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels and Fox for stealing her life story to create the epic boss character.

The 53-year-old says she served time for manslaughter and was a “drug kingpin,” which she says she documented in her memoir The Hidden Hand. Page Six reports that in 2011, Eggleston met with a LA screenwriter, giving her a copy of her book, claiming ideas would be pitched to Daniels. Then Empire premiered and Eggleston saw her “behavior, style of dress, and background” via Cookie Lyon on screen. According to the suit, Eggleston says, “that independent creation was obviously impossible.”

But the best and probably most imperative similarity the suit speaks to is the character’s on-point fashion-particularity fine taste in mink coats. “There is no possibility the similarities are… mere coincidence.”

See the woman herself and it will all make sense. Here she is in matching red attire that is FIRE:


And this purple explosion of goddess chic.


Not so far fetched, huh?

Now go on with yo bad kween selves, Cookie and Sophia, and may the baddest bitch win.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.