Here’s What You Need To Do To Have A Hit Album In 2015

Let's get to the bottom of this.

Music is ever-changing. New artists and styles emerge by (what feels like) the minute, and there are more options than ever to discover new sounds.

All of this is exciting and great, but it also makes us wonder: What the hell does it take to have a hit album anymore? Not just a hit song, a hit album. Is there a definite number of features you need to score? A perfect combination of power ballads, club bangers, and filler songs?

We did some very serious digging into what it might take for pretty much anyone to drop an LP worthy of the charts. Could it be that the success of the album has less to do with the actual album and more to do with what you do with it? Here’s how YOU can have a hit album in 2015.

  1. Get Kylie Jenner to tweet about it.

    A little PR never hurt anyone.

  2. Land a Kanye West co-sign.

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    If you get the gatekeeper of artistry on your side, you’re golden.

  3. Get Tidal or Apple Music to exclusively release it.

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    The harder it is for consumers to listen to your album, the better.

  4. Start Twitter beef with someone bigger than you.

    Remember: You’re trying to draw as much attention to yourself as you can.

  5. If all else fails…

    If all else fails, ask yourself the important question. Do I think this album is good? If the answer is yes, start back at square one. If the answer is no, maybe consider starting a fashion line??

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