Drake, Meek Mill, Or Tyga: Who Would You Smash/Marry/Kill?

Let's settle this once and for all.

Drake and Meek Mill are still beefing, and the only good to come out of it was new Drizzy music and some hilarious Meek memes. While Drake and Meek take turns stepping into the shade room, us ladies here at VH1 have come up with a way to settle their drama once and for all: Who’s hotter?

We played a game of Smash/Marry/Kill and added Tyga to the mix because what the hell? Here are our answers. Give us yours in the poll below. Happy #PettyWapWednesday, y’all.

Isha: Ugh, I don’t think any look good. I’d smash Meek (in the dark), marry Drake because he does seem like he’s romantic, and kill Tyga. I doubt he’d want me, anyway. I’m legal.

Smash Meek Mill. His hands are the size of Nicki’s head, and since I’m short, it’s like “oh yeah.” Marry Drake, kill the f out of Tyga.

Me: I’d marry Drake any day, easy. Kill Meek Mill on behalf of Phili. That leaves Tyga. At least we could have angry sex over all of the terrible things I’ve written about him.

Your turn!

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.