I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Chris and Fallon Argue Over Stripping

"We all know why you're here and are you really here to date a stripper?" - Fallon

Whether you love or you hate her, Fallon really knows how to shake things up on Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps. After their first date, it became obvious that Chris was strongly attracted to Fallon and that he might be keeping her around for a while. As his latest Keeper, Fallon checks in with Chris about his date with Harley, the shy Hawaiian stripper. Fallon’s aggressive attitude towards Harley’s career as a stripper begins to have Chris questioning her intentions.

When Fallon questions if Chris would really bring a stripper home to meet his mother, he replied that he wants to date the right girl for the right reasons. While discussing morals, Fallon asks Chris, “And you take your clothes off and sticking your ass in guys’ faces for a living, what kind of morals do you see there?”. In a triumphant reply (that we were all honestly thinking), Chris slings it right back – “You model lingerie, how is that different?”. BAM. Chris for the win!

Although Chris decided to keep Fallon for another week, we might be starting to see a crack in their relationship. Will Chris start to see Fallon for who she really is? What are her true intentions? Re-watch this moment again and share your thoughts/comments below!