12 Hip Hop Artists Who Let Us Down By Making Corny AF Commercials

What the hell were these rappers thinking?

As cool as most rappers are, some of them have extra corny epic fails under their belts— and the worst offenses tend to be TV commercials. When major companies want some star power, they call upon dope rappers to help shill their products. But sometimes these commercials go left, and with it goes the good reputations of their rapping stars.

Here’s a list of the worst hip hop commercials ever to hit the airwaves.

  • Nelly for Cheerios

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    We love Cheerios and everything, but damn.

  • Redman and Method Man for Right Guard Deodorant

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    What a funky fail.

  • Salt ’N’ Pepa for Geico

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    Ooh baby, baby…

  • Vanilla Ice for Kraft’s Mac ’N’ Cheese

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    We can do without the weird old woman turning up.

  • Snoop Dogg for Hot Pockets

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    There’s nothing hot about this commercial. Nope, not even with Kate Upton.

  • Master P for Snickers

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    What’s does the bling have to do with the treat? We’re so lost.

  • Warren G for Erectile Dysfunction Pills

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    This commercial was very HARD to watch.

  • Juvenile for Appliance Store

    The rapper gave this saw a struggle commercial as a favor over social media. We wonder if he got some free soap afterwards?

  • Memphis Bleek for Garnier Fruitis

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    He has no hair, so we doubt he uses these products. Sit down, Bleek.

  • Busta Rhymes for Toyota

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    Since when do wagons have swagger?

  • Dr. Dre for Dr. Pepper

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    Soda ads are kind of like the blockbusters of TV commercials, and are therefore pretty cool. But the punny nature of this one was as flat as a can of Coke that’s been left out all night. “Get it? He’s a doctor, and it’s Doctor Pepper?” We get it. Hilar-*yawn*-ious.

  • MC Hammer for KFC

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    Dancing for fried chicken, though? We can’t understand why you thought this was a smart idea. Thanks for setting black people back 300 years, Hammer.

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