The Best Social Media Reactions to the Twinning Drama From Episode 103

In the explosive third episode of Twinning, tensions got real high and the twins did whatever they could hang on (that’s a pun from the challenge, if you missed it) while Roxanne and Nicole ultimately went home after The Maries were victorious in the Twin-Off for the second week in a row. Like always, the craziest moments in the house were commentated by the stars from the show along with some of the most loyal fans.

  • Skyler & Spencer Had Quite the Viewing Party

    Aren’t they just too adorable?

  • The Drama Between the Pod Twins and Ji & Le Poured Over into Social Media

  • And Le was Not Mincing Words

  • The Pod Twins Weren’t Going After The Maries…But Their Tweets Were Far From Dull

  • And If You’re Hoping There Will Be Some Romance in the House…

  • Shockingly The Pod Twins Actually Were Actually #TeamMaries This Week

    How’s that for a plot twist?

  • And Fans are Starting to Find Their Favorites

  • And They Took Sides in the Drama This Week

  • Oh and Shawn and Claire Feel Like The Camera Isn’t Quite Doing Them Justice

  • Either Way, We can certainly agree that…

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