Is Anyone Else Sketched TF Out Kylie Jenner Named Her Rabbit Bruce?

Is she holding on to the past?

While Kendall Jenner is out bagging Nick Jonas, her little sister Kylie scooped up something a little, erm, furrier: a rabbit. (We’re more into petting Nick, tbh, but to each her own.)

We give negative f—cks about what woodland creatures KyKy and Tyga want to play house with. However, we do give precisely 77 f—cks about what she named the rabbit: Bruce.

Take a second to process that. Baby Jenner named a literal animal after what her dad Caitlyn used to go by. We get this was probably done with loving intentions, but—sorry—it’s strange AF. (And a tad cruel, really.)
First and foremost, Caitlyn has made it explicitly clear she doesn’t want anything to do with Bruce. By Kylie calling her damn rabbit Bruce, the name will no doubt come up more times than Caitlyn would like. (It’s strange enough Caitlyn’s daughters still call her Bruce. With the rabbit, “Bruce” will appear at dinner on the reg.)

Second, the rabbit feels like a desperate plea to keep living in the past. Kylie’s difficulty with Caitlyn’s transition has played out on the family’s various television shows. On I Am Cait, however, Kylie seems more than down with Caitlyn—which is why this latest stunt is odd. Symbolically, it’s almost as if Kylie is refusing to let Bruce go and embrace Caitlyn fully.

Plus, naming a PET after a human family member is more demeaning than endearing. It’s just weird. Very, very weird.

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