Here Are 20 Levels We Hope To Find In Nicki Minaj’s Upcoming Video Game

Game on, Barbz!

Nicki Minaj is getting her own mobile game and we can’t wait to play it. Glu Mobile, the same company that created Kim Kardashian: Hollywood will be releasing the game in 2016. But we’re already dying to know what the game will consist of. If you’re making a game about the modern day hip hop queen, you better make it dope!

Knowing Nicki, here are some of the levels it may have.

  1. Spit Your Best 16

  2. Also Know How To Sing

  3. Make Fellow Rappers Bow Down To Your Greatness

  4. Make A Philly Dude Sprung

  5. Dominate A Room Full of Men

  6. Have A Cute Smile

  7. Twerk Like A Pro

  8. Rock The Most Colorful Wig


  9. Teach The Babies

  10. Be Able Pull Off The Craziest Outfit

  11. Eat A Burger With Beyonce

  12. Shut Down A Hater

  13. Make A Jaw Dropping Video

  14. Fondle A Fellow Celebrity

  15. Love Your Fans

  16. Slay The Red Carpet Without Trying

  17. Have The Best Eye Roll In The Game

  18. Have The Best Side Eye Too

  19. Empower Women and Young Girls

  20. Be An Unapologetic BOSS

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