All The Ways The Hip Hop Scene Has Changed Since Dr. Dre Dropped His Last Album In 1999

The game has some new players.

On November 16th 1999, West Coast hip hop producer Dr. Dre released 2001, his second solo album since leaving seminal rap group N.W.A. Little did the music community know that this would be Dre’s last album for 16 years.

But last night marked the good doctor’s musical return, as his new album Compton streamed exclusively on iTunes. Serving as the soundtrack to the upcoming N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, the record has hip hop lovers going HAM on social media to praise his dope new sound.

“I felt a [great album] coming,” Dre said while speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “I know that feeling after being in it for so long. “So I just said, ’I’m going for it’ and really started blacking out in the studio.”

He also expanded on the intention of his long-awaited work. “I want this album to be inspiring. I want it to be motivational. So that was the foundation throughout the entire record. The record is just me reflecting and I’m basically just talking to myself.”

It’s remarkable that after so much time, Dr. Dre’s music is still as potent as ever. A lot has changed on the rap scene in the 16 years since 2001’s release. Not only has hip hop’s sound evolved, but so has its role in fashion, dancing, television and more. Read on and see what we mean.


The culture changed dramatically between 1999 and now.


Yes, the hard demeanor is still there.
Yes, the swag is still in full effect.
Female rappers still run shit.
And tricked out rides are still in videos.


But now hip hop has individuals with different types of swag.
Rappers don’t have to be 100 percent aggressive to be respected.
Female rappers have more power to do whatever they please, not matter who has an issue.
And different types of bad-ass rides are present.

Ice Cube’s Face

The once hard NWA member stayed mean-mugging every and anyone. Now he’s…happy?


Who wasn’t scared of Cube back in the day?
His mug was real.
Good luck finding a picture of him smiling back then.


Now he’s a happy, family man.
Positive vibes all around.
Thank his hit movie, Are We There Yet?


When music changes, so do dancing styles.


Breakdancing was everything.
So was the worm.
Don’t forget about the humpty dance.


Now, watch us whip…watch us nae nae!
The shmoney dance is a fan favorite too.
The newest dance craze from Atlanta called “Dabbin” is now blowing up as we speak.


Television shows got huge makeovers as well.


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