Salma Hayek Cuddling Puppies Will Make Your Heart and Libido Burst Simultaneously

The only thing sexier than Salma is Salma playing with pups.

Can you make a game-changing bae even more bae? Because if there is a bae capacity, we would’ve thought Salma Hayek and her iconic curves reached it long ago.

  • She reached it here, when she and her perf lady lumps took charge like a boss.

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  • Or here, in After Dark, when she made a man/woman out of you.

  • And, like, this time.


But perhaps Salma’s most sexually-charging, feels-producing moment ever took place last night when she snuggled up to a trillion puppies on The Tonight Show in the game Pup Quiz with Jimmy Fallon.

  • Omg. You’re not alive rn, are you?

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  • Are you?

  • To become even more dead, watch the video below.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.