We’ve Got The Pics: Mimi Hugs Joseline After Her Reunion Performance

We couldn't make this up if we tried...
  • 1 After Joseline and Stevie’s Performance, Mimi Stormed on the Stage
    All photos courtesy of Bennett Raglin .

  • 2 But Before Security Could Get Alarmed…Mimi Had a Smile on Her Face

  • 3 WHAT!? Is That a Hug?

  • 4 Our Life is a Lie

  • 5 This is All We’ve Ever Wanted

  • 6 So Much Love

  • 7 Still, Our Reaction Pales in Comparison to Stevie’s Excitment

  • 8 Like He Was REALLY Excited

  • 9 To Be Honest, He May Never Stop Smiling

  • 10 But First He’s Gonna Sneak Another Peek of the Woman He Did Marry

  • 11 Mimi Was Probably Inspired By Joseline’s Caliente Performance of “Church”

  • 12 You see Those Dance Moves?

  • 13 Ain’t Nothing Stingy ’Bout This

  • 14 Guys, These Two Aren’t So Bad After All

  • 15 Here They Are Cheesing with the Host, Nina Parker

  • 16 And a Closer Look at The Puerto Rican Princess’ Get-Up

  • 17 Honestly We Might Need to Go to Church After All That Leather

  • 18 All That Red, Though

  • 19 Like, Did You See That Outfit?

  • 20 Is it Hot in Here Or…

  • 21 Here is Joseline Being Kind of Over It

  • 22 Here’s a Cute Shot of Joseline and the One and Only Mona Scott-Young

  • 23 And We’re Just Gonna Leave This Here

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