Why Anna Kendrick Is Your Soulmate

Don't fight the feels.

By Colleen Thornhill

Anna Kendrick isn’t just any dream girl. She’s everyone’s dream girl. That’s right. She’s your boyfriend’s dream girl, your mom’s dream girl, your history teacher’s dream girl, your dog’s dream girl, and most important, your dream girl. Unlike most Hollywood superstars who seem to exist in some unreachable ethereal world (we’re looking at you, Blake Lively), Anna, who turns 30 today, just seems, well, real. It’s like you know her even though you’ve never actually met her. There’s not just one definable thing that makes Anna so appealing to every person on this planet. There’s a whole list of reasons to love her why we can’t get enough of Anna Kendrick.

  1. She’s a modern woman.


    Think Anna got into show business just to around to sit and look pretty? No, this woman can do anything she wants, even if it’s recreating Indiana Jones movies and holding her own against a pit of snakes. OK, maybe not the snakes.

  2. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind.


    If you’re telling Anna a totally boring story about this one time you saw Pitch Perfect three times in one weekend, she’ll flat out tell you if it’s the worst story she’s ever heard in her life. And that sort of honesty is refreshing and necessary to making a relationship work.

  3. She’s been talented since birth, meaning you and she would probably have very talented children.


    Think about this: If Anna Kendrick was singing on a Broadway stage by the age of 12, and you successfully burped the ABCs by the time you were 12, can you imagine what your children could do? There is some serious America’s Got Talent potential waiting to happen right there, and you simply cannot deny America such amazingness.

  4. She loves animals.


    Actress. Singer. Animal lover. Are those not the greatest qualities you could want in a person? Anna possesses all three. Her love for Red Pandas is truly inspiring, and her uncanny ability to imitate them makes me feel like I should donate to the Red Panda Fund right now. Is there a Red Panda Fund?

  5. She’s self-assured.


    Think Anna is up for silly mind games? Think again. If you cross this girl, she is outta here. And that’s sort of admirable, isn’t it? She knows she’s worth it and that’s pretty damn attractive.

  6. She excels at ’80s cult movie references.


    Relationships have to be about more than just physical attraction. If you and Anna can have an in-depth conversation about David Bowie’s hair in Labyrinth or why The Goonies is actually Josh Brolin’s greatest film performance (No Country for Old Men just doesn’t compare), then think of all the other amazing late-night phone convos you could have.

  7. She’s comfortable singing for your love.


    I don’t know about you, but unless my significant other is comfortable tearing their shirt open to reveal a picture of me while belting out a One Direction song, I’m not really sure we’re meant for each other. But I know Anna wouldn’t hesitate to do this for me, so I’m pretty sure we’ve got a good shot at long-term romance.

  8. She’s brave enough to own up to her flaws.


    Anna’s practically perfect, but even she admits she has some things to work on, and that’s OK, we can work on those together. That’s what couples therapy is for, right?

  9. She gives great advice.


    Anna isn’t some narcissistic movie star. If you need some solid life advice, look no further than this thoughtful, generous gal. She’ll make the moment about you and not find a reason to insert an anecdote about herself.

  10. She’s not afraid to put you in your place.


    What’s fun about a partner who lets you walk all over them? You need to be challenged once in a while and told when you’re being an insufferable idiot. And Anna isn’t afraid to deliver that news. She’ll keep you down to earth. Which is necessary because you’ll probably get really annoyingly arrogant when she finally agrees to go out with you.

  11. Her compliments are one of a kind.


    When you’re dating Anna Kendrick, you don’t want to feel like the ugly duckling next to the beautiful swan. But Anna would never let you feel that way. She dishes out kind words in such a way that you know she’s seeing into your beautiful soul. Because with her, it’s a deeper love.

  12. She inspires you to be and do better.


    Anna didn’t get to where she is by only taking safe roles. A movie about a college a capella group? You know what that sounds like? Glee, but worse. So much worse. But guess what? It was ACA-MAZING. (Yeah, you’re right I did that.) And now Anna is a bona fide superstar. If that doesn’t inspire you to put yourself out there, I don’t know what will.

  13. She loves Taco Bell.


    I’m really not sure what more I could say here. Now your dream of serving Doritos Locos Tacos at your wedding can come true.

  14. She has a knack for social media.


    In this modern tech world, if you don’t know how to operate at least Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you might as well not exist. But in Anna’s case, she’s very much alive, and her hilarious tweets and 4.5 million twitter followers prove this. Is she sober all the time? That’s a different question.

  15. She’s totally up for staying in when everybody else wants to go out.


    Not sure you’re up for a Taco Bell run tonight? That’s okay. Anna is content to snuggle up next to you at home for an ’80s movie marathon while drinking some wine and drunk-tweeting. It’s the perfect date.

  16. She’s a savvy businesswoman.


    Anna doesn’t just act and then call it a day. No, she knows it’s a tough market out there and makes sure she’s invested in several different areas. And that’s something you need in a partner, someone who will make enough money to support you when you’re down on your luck. Or just want to quit your job.

  17. She’s a hard worker.


    A person who’s not passionate about anything is no fun at all. But with Anna, you can be assured she’ll put 100 percent into everything, whether it’s filming a movie or tweeting away on her thinkpad.

  18. She’s humble.


    Despite the Tony nod and the Oscar nod, Anna doesn’t expect to get every part or win every nomination. And that’s good, because there’s really only room for one star in every relationship, and you know that’s you.

  19. She knows what she likes.


    There’s nothing worse than a wishy-washy date. But a person who knows what she likes and goes for it? Now that’s appealing. And apparently in this case, Anna likes a woman with a good sense of humor. Which means I’m golden.

  20. She’s honest.


    http://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/anna-kendrick-perfectly-described-being-a-woman#.wtYPezJbGm Rather than hide behind the glamour of a flawless filter, Anna lets you know the secret behind those stunning photos of her. Her honesty takes the pressure off you to look stunning all the time, which is excellent, since next to her you’ll only look as good as a paper bag.

So here’s to you, Anna. Thanks for being you.